Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Re-Invitation To Conversation

With much excitement and hesitancy (excitement due to the potentially robust conversation that may ensue and hesitancy due to the ever present fear that one might put one's self out there only to be rejected or completely ignored) I have decided to enter into the blogosphere with the hopes of initiating and facilitating a conversation that can be beneficial to all who decide to engage. All of the moments I am in stimulating conversations, reading phenomenal books or exploring my own interior landscape and wish I could share what is taking place with others inspires and energizes me to begin this blog. Each post is not intended to be a one-sided monologue that readers are supposed to sit back and passively process; but rather each post is intended to be an invitation to not only respond to the specific post, but to enter into the ongoing conversation as a whole.

Although there is room in this conversation for all facets of life to be discussed, the primary areas that I assume will be explored consistently are faith, creativity, love, relationships, emotions, change, hope, and social justice -- and during this conversation we will hopefully begin to discover  the interconnectedness of all of these. My hope is that through this conversation we will embrace the perpetual potential of growth and transformation that awaits all of us who are willing to humbly pursue it, with the understanding that we should all be in a constant state of flux in relationship to the future. It is my deep conviction that we are all arriving and yet have not arrived, we are all maturing and yet have not matured, we are all becoming and yet have not become that leaves me in a stance of humility in relationship to this learning process. 

As much as each one of has to learn on this journey, there is just as much (if not more) that we need to unlearn if we are to allow ourselves to fully embrace the idea of life as a process of becoming. My concern is not the unique stance and worldview each participant in this conversation brings with them, but whether or not they are open to critique it. I hope that each one of you will be willing to hold me accountable to have this same willingness to critique everything that I say as well. 

I hope that in this place we will be inspired, challenged, moved, comforted when we are disturbed and disturbed when we are too comfortable. Please feel free to subscribe to this blog and too leave comments at any time. If you find this place stimulating in any way please invite those that you know to join the conversation as well. I hope to hear from you in the future and I hope that you will have a great 2009!

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