Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great Quote #1

"God is not a theoretical problem to somehow resolve but rather a mystery to be participated in"
                                                                                                         -Peter Rollins


  1. Really reveals the difference of approaching God as an object or as a subject.

  2. Mysteries are so more exhilarating and exciting! Always evolving and never the same with many twists and turns.

  3. The other day Jordan and I were having breakfast talking about this very thing. He mentioned that he doesn't really like talking about God with other Christians. When I asked him why he said that he feels like it turns into some match of holiness. It is funny how God, once we reach a certain level of "maturity", becomes a subject of analysis -- a problem to be solved -- not someone to be experienced. It seems however, that those seemingly less mature Christians have the raw, organic, person of Yahweh so much more clearly than I do. Wish I knew how to switch mindsets...