Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love is to be participated in...

Love is immanent and yet transcendent

We experience love but we never contain love

We do not own love

Love is a reality that just is

Love exists whether we are a part of her or not

Love is an absolute mystery

Love naturally gives herself

Love is not an it

Love is not a thing

Love is not an object

Love is bigger than our experience of her

Any time we decide to withhold love from another it is not love we are withholding, as if love is something we possess and contain within ourselves, it is merely ourselves we are withholding

Love just is...

Love is a mystery to be participated in

If we allow her

If we trust her

If we let go

She will transform us


  1. What a declaration and statement that says "God is Love". God's love is our essence and very existence, not attainable but freely given.

  2. The most important message we can take from the teachings. It really is just about releasing- a difficult thing to do!